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Beans of Change
Beans of Change
Coffee typically grows in regions of the world where there is poverty, civil unrest, and where females have few rights if any at all, especially in business. We are changing that one cup at a time.

At Beans of Change Coffee Company, we are proud to support female coffee growers, through the Café Femenino Foundation. In fact, we only carry their coffee. It is about making simple choices, like where to buy our beans from, that has positive, impactful results globally.
Our goal is to provide our customers premium coffee and support communities both locally and internationally.

We import and locally roast Café Femenino coffee beans exclusively, to ensure your coffee money goes directly to female coffee growers, their families and the communities where they live. These pioneering women began their journey in Peru, in 2004.

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Their goal was to create a new enterprise that empowered women that were already growing, harvesting and producing coffee, to ensure they directly received the financial proceeds for their efforts. They are committed to produce environmentally safe coffee that is 100% Organic and 100% Fair Trade, and the result is also 100% delicious.

We are honoured to support these women, and we are committed to producing a better world for them. Please click on the Café Femenino tab to learn more.

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