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"Beans of Change helps people from all walks of life create a residual income stream that will protect them from economic uncertainties and help them provide a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities."

Beans of Change was formed to make a difference in a positive and ethical way. The values on which we were based are: Beans of Change provides a Simple Product, Simple Plan approach to allowing Canadians to share in the wealth we all contribute to, in the coffee industry.

Consider these facts:
  • 82 % of Canadians drink coffee
  • 63% drink coffee every day
  • 71 per cent of all coffee is consumed at home
  • Canadians drink 15,000,000,000 cups (that’s 15 billion) per year
  • We spend more than $5 billion on coffee – and just get coffee!
Beans of Change allows you to share in that revenue. Join the club, and turn your love for great coffee into your own home-based business. Share the Coffee, Share the Wealth.

Kevin Gray – CEO
Kevin has been in the hospitality business for more than 30 years, earning his stripes for restaurants such as Olive Garden, Mother’s Pizza and Red Lobster, before founding KG Hospitality, a Human Resources company that sources Head Chefs and Management Personnel for top restaurants and hotels across North America.

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