Beans of Change
Beans of Change
Beans of Change
Beans of Change
Beans of Change
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Beans of Change
offers a fundraising program that can help your organization raise funds very quickly and easily.

We offer great tasting premium Organic and Fair Trade Coffee. We are proud to support and empower women in developing countries through Café Femenino, where all the coffee farms are owned and operated by female coffee growers.

We will work with you to support your fundraising program by providing custom labels, promoting your organization and supplying you with all necessary order forms. We promote you on our website and provide a direct link to yours.

We will also deliver the coffee to your organization hub for free to help reduce costs and maximize your profits. It's that EASY!

Once people purchase and try our coffee, they can join our Coffee Club and have our coffee delivered to their homes or business monthly, where we will continue to provide your organization with a portion of coffee sales from their purchase.. This allows your organization to continue raising funds after your initial fundraising drive is completed.

The chart below shows how much money each of your members can raise by just selling 10 bags each. Consider if they each sell 20, you can double the funds raised.

Its easy to meet your fundraising goals with our packages!

Members # of Bags Sold
(per Member)
Funds Raised
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