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What makes our coffee so good?

Most coffee is picked from plants growing in the open sun on plantations near sea level. The best tasting beans, which are what we use, are grown high in the mountains under the shade of the rain forest. This slower maturation creates a richer, tastier bean. You WILL taste the difference in the very first cup!

At Magnetic North Network, we offer the world's best coffee and promote economic and environmental sustainability through Fair Trade purchasing and Organic farming.
All our coffee is from High Mountain grown 100% Arabica beans, Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Café Femenino coffee is grown, harvested and produced on farms exclusively by women.

Quality by the Numbers

Certified Fair Trade
Fair Trade coffee ensures the grower receives a price for each pound of coffee harvested that is higher than international market prices. This process helps the farmer, their families and their communities achieve a better quality of life than a non-Fair Trade coffee farmer through sustainable production, advanced credit and longer term trade relationships.

Certified Organic
Organic coffee beans are coffee beans that have been produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides. This is beneficial to both the producer and the consumer. The definition of certified organic coffee can be extended to include an emphasis on recycling, composting, soil health, and protection of the environment. These are important aspects to sustainability that are both cost effective and socially responsible.

That is why organic fair trade coffee and organic shade grown coffee often go hand in hand.

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