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Magnetic North Network
Magnetic North Network
Magnetic North Network
About Magnetic North Network
Do you need more money in your life?

Who doesn't!

Magnetic North Network is a ground floor opportunity in one of Canada’s largest and most well-established product markets. Canadians will never stop drinking coffee! Consider these facts:
  • 63% of Canadians drink coffee everyday
  • 71% of that coffee is consumed at home
  • Canadians spend $5 billion on coffee!
We have created a Referral Compensation Program that can create a residual income for you. Join our Club as a Referral Member, drink our Coffee, invite others to do the same, and receive a commission on their orders. And the orders of their referrals, and their referrals, and so on. It’s that simple.

Know anyone who drinks coffee?

The Magnetic North Network
Referral Compensation Program is a simple unlimited matrix that pays 6 levels deep. It is very easy to understand and to teach to others.

Active Referral Members are paid 10% on the total volume of their Club Member customers and first-level Referral Members and can qualify to earn 5% commission on the orders of their next 5 levels of Referral Members and their Club Member customers.

Additional bonuses are available. Download the Compensation Plan here, email us for more details, or speak to the person who referred you to our site.

Membership fees:
Club Membership: Free
Referral Membership: $25 plus HST

Club Members can purchase coffee at the discounted Member’s Price and register for automatic monthly shipments.

Referral Members participate in the Referral Compensation Plan.

Members can order one of the recommended New Member’s Packages or simply choose from our a la carte products list.

Please visit our Shop page for details on these packages.

Magnetic North Network allows you to harness the power of Canada's $5 Billion coffee industry, right from your home or office. Brilliant!

Join us today and start Sharing The Wealth!
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